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Start Magazine Review The War

The following can be found in the Winter (08/09) edition of Start Magazine, available here online:

Devious Theatre’s radio version of H.G Wells’ War Of The Worlds (KCLR – October 31st) attempted to follow the pattern set by Orson Welles and the Mercury Theatre’s famous version, incidentally broadcast seventy years to the day.

To our perhaps more sophisticated ears, the earliest part of the production worked best, as the Martian invasion was slowly revealed with programmes being interrupted as the horror unfolded.

The imaginative destruction of the region was replete with local villages such as Tulla and Castlecomer and this added to the interest and excitement felt by the listener.

The production itself was well presented, with strong sound effects, especially able to bring over the idea of the multitude fleeing the approaching terror. All in all the piece was a job well done and suggests an alternative approach that can be taken by theatre companies in the area to produce work that doesn’t require touring and the costs involved.

This was theatre sent directly to the listener.

Download: If you haven’t already downloaded our podcast production of the show, please do so by clicking here. After all, it’s free!

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