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Return Of The Living Dead

If you missed our Irish stage premiere of Night Of The Living Dead you’ll get another chance to revisit it this Halloween. But not on the stage! Rather aptly, it’s going to be returning to the big screen.

We’ll be screening the play in its entirety along with both trailers and a brand new behind the scenes documentary on Saturday October 27th in Cleeres Theatre. The event takes place as part of this years Rockfall Festival and also conveniently falls under the banner of Thrillkenny, a host of zombie related events taking place over the city.The screening will be followed by Dead Disco, a Halloween themed club night which will see some ghoulish treats amidst a bone shaking array of tunes played by the All Time DJs (Night Of The Living Dead producer and director Ken McGuire & John Morton spinning tunes that are literally deadly). The whole night kicks off at 8.00pm and admission for everything is €5. Like all Rockfall events, all proceeds will go to the O’Neill Centre and Enable Ireland.

This marks the fifth event that we have held for the Rockfall Festival and it’s something we have really enjoyed doing over the years. Rockfall does amazing fundraising for the O’Neill Centre over the past 21 plus years and it’s great to be a part of a festival that does so much for so many people. We’ve previously staged performances of Heart Shaped Vinyl and Shakespeare In Bits for the festival and last year we joined up with KilkennyMusic.com to throw an event that was half gig, half interactive Shifting screening. And boy, did it get interactive!

With Night Of The Living Dead, we’re hoping people will get into the spirit of things and costume up for our zombie gorefest! It’s the final chance that people will get to see a play that was described as thus-

The Devious Theatre Company have crafted a hilarious, violent, tense, and fun slice of stage horror, filled with memorable characters and quotable dialogue, cementing themselves as Tarantino’s of the Irish theatre scene.

So come along to Cleeres Theatre on the 27th and join us for a jam packed event of theatre/horror/Halloween party goodness and in the process, raise some money for a brilliant cause!

Photos by Ross Costigan. He’ll be there

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