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Post Mortem Photography

We still haven’t shook off those persistent living dead just yet. As we get the house in order for the new work we’ll be making this year, we have been filling in the archives with last years work. There is a lot of material left over from our Irish stage premiere of Night Of The Living Dead and so we’ve been dissecting it all post mortem style. And the results have been slowly released online in the past fortnight. First of all, we put together a video that looked at some of the highlights of the performance all tied together by the in show radio reports. Now, Ross Costigan, the man with the camera, has unleashed a brand new selection of bloody production photos from the show itself. Take a look below to see some of these new images from last years production in The Watergate Theatre. There might just be more coming to get you soon…

Maria Murray as the nurse ghoul.

Connie Walsh arrives as Babs.

Alan Doyle as the unfortunate forecourt attendant.

Adrian Kavanagh as Big Jimmy McClellan

Darragh Byrne lurking as the graveyard ghoul.

Director of the show John Morton in cameo zombies mode.

The Cooper Family have breakfast.

For more of these (and many more) photos, check out the gory selection on Ross Costigan’s website here.

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