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The War Of The Worlds Podcast

We’re proud to present to you our version of HG Wells’ sci-fi classic, The War Of The Worlds, as aired in association with KCLR 96FM on Thursday October 30th 2008. The airing of the show, and our production, coincided with the 70th anniversary of the original broadcast of The War Of The Worlds, as presented by Orson Welles and the Mercury Theatre in 1938.

This modern production, scripted, produced, directed within the company, draws on a variety of different narrative devices and accounts of a Martian invasion to our county – and around the world – as Martian tripods marched the earth and destroyed the population over a period of three weeks. The finished version was produced and engineered by Alan Dawson. It’s a little bit horror, a little bit comedy and a lot of sci-fi and allegory for economic destruction!

The cast for the production, details of which are here, include David Thompson (Announcer / Professor Leonard / Newsreader), Kevin Mooney (The Narrator / Noel O’Reilly), Alan Dawson (Eugene Walsh), Ken McGuire (DJ / Commander), Ross Costigan (Tom Buckley / Whiskey Seven Zero / The Stranger), Maria Murray (Alice Keane / Aoife), Amy Dunne (Karen Phelan), Paul Young (Capt. Drennan / Lenihan) and John Morton (Mick).

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Don’t forget to check out Jeff Wayne’s musical version of The War Of The Worlds, currently celebrating its 30th anniversary.

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