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Photographic Evidence

Just before we launched into Can’t Pay? Won’t Pay! with a two footed lunge, we took the time to update our Flickr account with all the unseen photos from our last production in the Dario Fo Season, Accidental Death Of An Anarchist.

The collections comprise a variety of photos from the production, as taken by the strong firm hands of Paddy Dunne and Ken McGuire. There’s rehearsal shots, promo shots, behind the scenes on the poster shoot and onstage shots to name but a few. So if you enjoyed Accidental Death Of An Anarchist, you might well enjoy looking at some different aspects of production. And if you didn’t catch it, there’s a fine sample of what you missed out on. I’ve enclosed a couple of my own favourite snaps here for your perusal but the entire collection can be viewed online over at our Flickr account.

And if you did miss Accidental Death Of An Anarchist and are intent on not missing Can’t Pay? Won’t Pay!, tickets are now onsale and Ken has written up a handy little blog on our new online ticket ordering process and you can read it here.

Our crack team of theatre experts work overtime y’know.

ADOAA - Onstage - Constable, Madman, BertozzoADOAA - Rehearsing the eyepatchesADOAA - The SetADOAA - Poster Arrives!

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