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Photo Booth

One of the main pieces of promo for Smitten that we’ve been hawking around our various social media sites are a series of photo booth images depicting the characters from the play. They’ve served as a handy way to introduce the characters of Smitten, establish their personalities and generally give you a taster of things to come!

A lot of the focus in the play is on friends who have (or are in the process of) drifting apart and struggling to identify the things that kept them together through their teenage years and early twenties. We thought that a bunch of pictures like this would get that across nicely. And of course, when you implement the ol’ photo booth style, the four picture layout gives you the option to get across the characters with their own little photo based stories. So here’s all the characters of the play (with one notable exception… but we won’t mention Daffney Molloy).

1. Kevin, Dave, Stevey and Mark (John Morton, Kevin Mooney, Stephen Colfer and Geoff Warner Clayton) 2. Cat and Tony (Niamh Moroney and Jack O’Leary) 3. Mark (Geoff Warner Clayton) 4. Bronagh (Annette O’Shea) 5. Ailbe (Lynsey Moran)

1. Cat, Tony and Niall (Niamh Moroney, Jack O’Leary and Ken McGuire) 2. Tommy (Ross Costigan) 3. Tony (Jack O’Leary) 4. Sinead (Amy Dunne)

1. Stevey and Tommy (Stephen Colfer and Ross Costigan) 2. Stevey (Stephen Colfer) 3. Dave (Kevin Mooney) 4. Dave and Bronagh (Kevin Mooney and Annette O’Shea)

Smitten runs from August 20th  – 23rd in The Barn, Church Lane.

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