Night Of The Living Dead (2012)


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Babs is bloodied, frantic and looking for refuge. She has just watched a man attack her brother as they visited their parent’s grave. Fleeing from the snarling, growling man, she makes a break through the countryside, seeking refuge. As darkness falls, she arrives on a ghost estate on the outskirts of her hometown, looking for a house her friend claims he’s in hiding out at. She arrives at the house to discover it has been boarded up. She manages to enter through the unlocked back door, only to find the house ransacked with traces of a bloody struggle evident. She has no other options. This is her only refuge. But she’s not alone…

Ireland is dying and dying fast. Airports are shut down. Ports are overcrowded. Roads are in gridlock. We are in the thick of a crisis. Media outlets are reporting a strong influenza outbreak but details remain sketchy. However, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have more graphic accounts of bodies returning to life and attacking the living. Hospitals are overcrowded with sick, dying people. Phone networks begin to crash. Shops are looted. Panic is widespread. Able-bodied young people are emigrating in droves. Their elders are barely surviving, just waiting and watching as things go from bad to worse. Families are falling apart. No homes, no money, no prospects: ripped apart as units and if they’re really unlucky, limb from limb. The undead are the only ones rallying together in this country. And soon there’s going to be more of them than there are us…

We performed the Irish stage premiere of Night Of The Living Dead from July 24th – 28th 2012 in The Watergate Theatre, Kilkenny. The play was adapted by Connie Walsh and John Morton from George A. Romero and John A. Russo’s original screenplay. The production was directed by John Morton and produced by Ken McGuire.




Babs – Connie Walsh
Ben – Ed Murphy
Frankie – John Kennedy
Helen – Nuala Roche
Harry – Paul Young
Tom – Kevin Mooney
Judy – Aoibhín Murphy
Karen – Abbey Harris / Niamh Kennedy
Big Jimmy McClellan – Adrian Kavanagh
Hughie McClellan – Michael Hayes
Paddy McClellan – David Thompson
Johnny – Philip Brennan
Undertaker – Darragh Byrne
Siobhan – Hazel Doyle
Maeve – Alexandra Christle
Nurse – Maria Murray
Librarian – Anne Cody
Petrol Attendant – Alan Doyle
Punk – Niamh Moroney
Hoodie – Colin O’Brien
Radio Announcer 1 – Brendan Corcoran
Radio Announcer 2 – Martin Bridgeman
Radio Announcer 3 – Edwina Grace


Written by Connie Walsh and John Morton
Director – John Morton
Producer – Ken McGuire
Assistant Director – David Thompson
Assistant Producer – Angela Barrett
Production Designer – Niamh Moyles
Set Design – Harry Harris
Stage Manager – Aidan Doheny
Assistant Stage Manager – Alex Christle
Costume – Kate St. John
Make Up –  Michael Browne, Linda Hanbidge
Photography / Promo – Ross Costigan
Lighting – Richie Cody  / Gerry Taylor
Original Score by Replete
Sound Design – Ken McGuire
Costume Assistant – Stephanie Cassin
Marketing – Simone Kelly

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