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On Parade

Here’s the first group shot of our all singing, all dancing cast of Smitten, the final installment in our In The Future When All’s Well season.

From left to right: Ken McGuire (Dave), Maria Murray (Bronagh), Suzanne O’Brien (Daffney), John Morton (Tommy), Lynsey Moran (Ailbe), Jack O’Leary (Tony), Amy Dunne (Cat), Kevin Mooney (Niall), David Thompson (Kevin) and Annette O’Shea (Claire)

This picture was used to headline a feature article in this weeks Kilkenny People by Tess Felder where we talked to her mostly about the play but also a little bit about the residency here in Kilkenny Arts Office.

Tickets for Smitten are starting to sell very briskly with the first and last nights of Sunday June 26th and Saturday July 2nd getting very close to selling out. Drop in to the Arts Office, book them online or else make a booking on the (changed) booking number at 0861048191.

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