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Moving To A New HQ

Today’s our last day in Kilkenny Arts Office. We’ve spent the past 2 weeks cleaning up the mess from the end of In The Future When All’s Well. Painting walls, cleaning up sets, organising costumes, cataloging props and generally cleaning the hell out of the place.

After having such a productive 6 months here and having our first taste of regular funding and a roof over our heads, it would have been a real shame to return to our guerrilla ways (key cutting, building hopping, kitchen rehearsing, etc.). But thankfully, thanks to Mary Butler, Kilkenny Arts Officer, we’ve managed to secure a permanent space for ourselves under their new This Is Not An Empty Space scheme. The support we’ve gotten from Kilkenny Arts Office has been nothing short of spectacular and to have our own offices and rehearsal space is the cherry on top of an amazing 6 months.

We’ll now be moving to The Maltings in Tilbury Place, Kilkenny where we previously rehearsed Trainspotting back in 2008. It’s a great premises and we’re glad to be sharing a building with the esteemed company of our compadres Cartoon Saloon and Ross Costigan Photography.

After 5 years of graft, it’s a real reward to now have our own space to plan the next 5 years of graft. We’re excited and delighted and it makes the move out of Kilkenny Arts Office that little bit easier to bear. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Mary Butler, Niamh Finn and all the staff of Kilkenny County Council for being so supportive of us and giving us so many great opportunities over the last year.

In the future, all is well.

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