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Mmmmm…. Supermeat For Dogs!

Can't Pay? Won't Pay! - Supermeat For Dogs

Is your man like a dog when he gets in from a hard days work? Is he tired of wolfing down the same old tripe? Is his fur lacking a quality shine?

Don’t fret girls, you won’t be in the dog house anymore! Just give your man a tin of our best Supermeat and he’ll be a slobbering mess!

If it’s good enough for dogs, then it’s good enough for your best friend! Loyal husbands deserve some royal treatment when they return to the kennel so let him sink his canine’s into our juiciest Supermeat!

It’s like a pate for rich cats and dogs! And if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for your breadwinning pet!

The superest of meat for the lowest of prices, our special wholesome brand Supermeat is entirely affordable within your tight household budget! And if those hounds at the supermarket tinker with prices, then just howl your protests our way!

So ladies, give your man a treat, fork him out some Supermeat!

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