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We had a grand old week in Dublin last week performing as part of TEXT | Messages in the Project Arts Centre.

In fact, the entire event was an absolute blast and even though we missed the last night of performances for different reasons (work, weddings, illness and hangovers) everything we managed to watch and partake in was a massive joy.

We hit the stage early on Wednesday night with our rather cheeky adaptation of Pyramus and Thisbe from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which pretty much meant we could just about stage an entire ‘play’ in the 160 line limit. It really helped that we were on first as we could indulge in our ‘warm up’ routine as the audience were coming in. Thus, they and ourselves were sufficiently limber for the cascade of ham, flubs, miscues and overwrought death scenes that we foisted upon them for the next 20 minutes.

The reaction to the piece was lovely and everybody was ever so nice to us about it which resulted in some great feedback. And yes, everything we said was genuine Shakespeare… even if we did adapt his words into some modern pop songs. Hearty thanks to curators Lara Hickey, Aoife Spillane-Hinks, Megan Riordan and Conor Hanratty for all their help and support and to all the folks in Irish Theatre Institute and the Project Arts Centre for their hospitality. TEXT | Messages was a really exciting project to work on and it would be great to see more Bard tackling of its like in the future.

We’ll be back tomorrow with our wrap up of 2011. It was a damn busy year. Lotsa recapping to be done.

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