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Meeting #3

Please meet the final 4 members of our Shifting cast.

The final members of the 12 strong cast are (l-r):

Ed, the gangly, wannabe hipster, who desperately wants to grow up, as played by Alan Doyle

Eimear, his adoring girlfriend and Sylvia Plath quoting, aspiring poet, played by Connie Walsh

Hilary, the party crashing, foul mouthed girlfriend of Mark, played by Rhian Gibson.

And finally, Mark himself the raucous, shouty, casserole loving madman as played by Colin O’Brien.

This foursome are all making their debuts with Devious Theatre and we’re very happy to welcome them all onboard for Shifting.

This is the final poster of the Shifting threesome. The full article can be seen on our Facebook and Flickr pages at the moment.

Tickets are still on sale at No. 76 John Street, on this very site or can be pre-booked on 056 – 7794138. Word of warning, the €5 tickets for Monday night are starting to sell very quickly so get them while you can! Shifting plays from April 18th – 23rd in No. 76 John Street.

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