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Meet The Rothes

A new theatrical experience has been launched in Kilkenny by our friends and sponsors over at Rothe House.

Meet The Rothes

A theatrical tour of the 16th century house, situated in the heart of Kilkenny, is led by its first couple John Rothe and Rose Archer. Interspersed with bouts of their squabbling, bickering and romancing, the audience are taken on a tour throughout the house, learning about its history, its inhabitants and the history of Kilkenny at large. All done with lashings of humour and banter by the actors playing the Rothes. In fact, it could be valid to say there’s an air of Basil and Cybill Fawlty off them.

This new tour takes place every Thursday night throughout the summer in Kilkenny. It kicks off at 7pm every night and while they wait, the audiences can take in a complimentary glass of wine in the main courtyard of Rothe House (the lovely surroundings where we performed Shakespeare In Bits last weekend). The tour is €10 per person with a concession of 7.50 and children under 12 are free. More information can be found on info@rothehouse.com and all bookings can be made on 056 – 7722893. For something different on the theatre scale, it’s well worth checking out. Especially if you haven’t yet explored one of Kilkenny’s finest buildings.

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