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Little Deviation #4: The Hellfire Squad


The Hellfire Squad is a play written by Peter McGann and John Morton. Primarily a screenwriter, this is Peter’s first work for the stage. John has previously written Heart Shaped Vinyl, Smitten and Scratcher for us.

The two of us sat down to write a gut-busting, blood-soaked action comedy while keeping it entrenched in Irish themes and sensibility. We wanted to take away the hagiography and hero-worship that history and retroactive patriotism has given the men and women who fought for a free state and treat them as living, breathing, flawed PEOPLE. We also wanted to make up old-timey words for private parts. In that area, we were an unqualified success. We’re tipping our hats to the showmanship and storytelling verve of Dion Boucicault, the anger and cynicism of Seán O’Casey, the absurd violent bursts of Martin McDonagh and the unabashed pure craic of old-school men-on-a-mission war movies and westerns that Bank Holidays are made of. – Peter McGann

Kicking off with the 1916 Rising and leading all the way into the War Of Independence, The Hellfire Squad takes lots of liberties with historical fact and offers a new take on the origins of Michael Collins famed hit squad. All things going to plan, we hope to put it on the stage on the centenary of the Rising in 2016.

The fantastic squad we’ve assembled for this one are Philip Brennan on directing and acting duties alongside Richie Cody, Stephen Colfer, Niall Morrissey, Ken McGuire and Annette O’Shea.

Richie last appeared for us as the Sheriff Of Saguache in Cannibal! The Musical. Stephen has amassed many credits for us over the years including Cannibal! The Musical, the role of Spud in Trainspotting, Stevey in Smitten, Billy in Stags and Hens and Shakespeare In Bits. Niall is making his debut with us and we’re delighted to welcome him on board. Ken has previously appeared in an exhausting amount of our plays including Heart Shaped Vinyl, both productions of Smitten, Cannibal! The Musical, Trainspotting, Stags and Hens, The War Of The Worlds, Shakespeare In Bits, Accidental Death Of An Anarchist, Can’t Pay? Won’t Pay!, Scratcher and Bash. Annette has previously appeared in both productions of Smitten, Scratcher and Bash.

The Hellfire Squad is going to be the biggest and brashest of Little Deviations: Volume 1. You can catch it and all the other new works this week as we play August 2nd & 3rd in Cleeres Theatre. Tickets can be bought at the venue on Parliament Street, can be booked on 056-7762573 or buy them here at this handy online link!

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