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Little Deviation #2: Breathe

by Alan ButlerDirected by Natasha Murray

Cast: Hazel Doyle, Amy Mulholland, Eleanor Walsh, Maria Murray, Janis Woodgate, John Prendergast, Ciaran Dunphy
Emily never thought she’d end up here. Being interviewed by the hospital’s psychiatrist. But this is where she is, and its what she needs to do. The stories she will tell and hear will shape her. From where she came from to where she’s going. Five women, five stories. What do you do, when you can’t keep going?

Alan Butler has previously worked as an actor and director for many companies in Kilkenny. As an actor he has previously appeared for Devious Theatre in Heart Shaped Vinyl, Scratcher and Accidental Death Of An Anarchist. This is his debut work for the stage.

Little Deviations: Volume 2 plays Cleeres Theatre from August 3rd-5th as part of AKA Fringe. Tickets can be bought at the venue or right here. 

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