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Life During Wartime #3: Chris

chris-fixed“All friends start off as strangers though, don’t they? Technically…”

The final introduction to the cast and characters of  War Of Attrition introduces Chris.

Chris is a native Dubliner, down on his luck and ‘between homes’ at the moment. Trying to keep the sunny side up, he works as a puppeteer, taking to the streets of Dublin with his puppet show to make a few euro’s. He is also the only person who witnessed the Psycho Chugger video being made who can also identify the cameraman. Which from Daisy’s POV means he can identify the mysterious blogger Generalissimo Malaise. After a chance encounter with Daisy on the streets, Chris is commandeered by her, a pawn in her game to track down and corner Generalissimo Malaise. Chris could be in a position to reap the benefits of this war. Or is he just destined to be caught in the crossfire?

Chris is played by John Morton. He is also the writer of this play and this marks the fourth play he’s written for Devious Theatre after Heart Shaped Vinyl (2006), Smitten (2008) and Scratcher (2011). He was also one of the writers of Mass by The LSA at last years Dublin Fringe Festival. Previous acting credits for ourselves include Bash: Latterday Plays, Smitten, Scratcher, Accidental Death Of An Anarchist, Shakespeare In Bits, Stags and Hens, War Of The Worlds, Trainspotting, Cannibal! The Musical and Heart Shaped Vinyl

War Of Attrition plays Dublin Fringe Festival from this Monday September 9th – 14th in Players Theatre, Trinity College at 8.30pm nightly. Tickets can be bought from the Festival Box Office in Filmbase on Curve Street or else you can call them on 1850 374 643! Tickets can be purchased online right here. We’re very excited about our first Dublin Fringe Show and we hope to see you there!

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