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Let There Be Flood… Lad

1653299_10203208066347280_1531659213_nLast night saw us kick off our first performance of Some Flood at Collaborations. And people came! And people clapped! And they laughed!

And it seemed as if most of them understood the Kilkenny accent. Which is really something. Most of our plays have Kilkenny accents yeah, but this one has a serious Kilkenny accent. Like, hyper speed with lots of likes and lots of lads and yeah, like, some accent lad.

We’re absolutely delighted with how it went and we got some great feedback in the theatre afterwards and over on the ol’ Twittermachine. We just give all of our heartiest thanks to the Collaborations crew. Especially Clara and Jen who programmed us in the first place. Some lads the two of them. We’ve got one more show left for the festival and it’s tomorrow night at 8.30pm in Smock Alley Theatre. So, before we go to Kilkenny next week, let there be flood!

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