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Kitty ‘The Knife’ McGillicutty

“Nice of these boys to show up so promptly for their own funerals”

They’re nearly here. Meet the second in command of The Roaring Banshees.

Kitty ‘The Knife’ McGillicutty is the consigliere, handler and marketer of the ‘Banshee’ brand. A smooth talking, blade sharp, out and out politician. What she doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing. The Fixer.

Ali Fox is an actor, comedian and writer from Dublin. Recent credits include Fur City – an improvised puppet soap opera (Bewley’s 2018/Smock Alley 2019/Body&Soul 2019), Cold Readers (Scene + Heard 2019), The Spirit of Wit nominated Sweet Sensations (Dublin Fringe Festival 2018) and the Best Ensemble + First Fortnight Award nominated How To Be Angry (Dublin Fringe Festival 2017). Recent comedy ventures include Vodafone Comedy Festival 2019, Tony Cantwell’s Live Feed (The Sugar Club 2019), the semi-autobiographical show Your Ma & Other Stories Vol. I + II (Scene + Heard 2018/19) and The Hardy Bucks Live Show. Ali is currently co-writing a new production for the Stewart Parker Award nominated theatre company, Red Bear Productions. She is a graduate of DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama.

The Roaring Banshees arrive tomorrow.

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