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kitsune. A mythical Japanese creature, with the ability to shapeshift – usually takes on the shape of a fox. In human form they seduce others, feed on people’s life force, only able to do so in multiple short sessions.

Foxes make up a big part of the story of Phantasm. John Kennedy’s new short play tells the story of a pair of teenager who are looking for new perspectives in life. Like the kitsune of Japanese folklore, Frankie (played by Hazel Doyle) adopts different guises to get what she wants. But her time to feed is starting to run very short and she’s running scared.

With one week to go, things are really starting to take shapes for Phantasm. A whole lot of different shapes. We’re really looking forward to making the return trip to Cork for Solstice this year. Staging Smitten down there last June during Cork Midsummer Festival was an absolute blast and we hope Phantasm receives the same warm reception when it debuts at midnight on June 28th!

If you want to pick up tickets for both performances of Phantasm, they are €5 and can be purchased at this link: http://solsticecork.com/devious-theatre

We hope you’ll join us down there!

Phantasm is written by John Kennedy and directed by John Morton. It stars Hazel Doyle and Colin O’Brien. It opens at midnight on June 28th at The Elysian for Solstice, Cork. The follow up performance is on Saturday June 30th at 4.30pm.

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