Written by 2:36 pm Devious News

Join The Queue

Tickets for Shifting might well be sold out but the first 3 nights have shown us that there’s been a good comeback on return tickets and we’ve been able to accommodate pretty much everyone in the returns queue.

So if you haven’t got a ticket we’d recommend coming down to No. 76 John Street from 7.30, get yourselves into the return queue and we’ll do our utmost to try and get you a seat.

The feedback to the show has been fantastic so far and we’re delighted to hear the kind words from people who have attended. The cast have had 3 standing ovations in a row and they’re aiming to get an unprecedented 6 out of 6! So, if you’ve not got your tickets yet, maybe joining the queue is the best thing you can do to ensure that you’re part of the audience!

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