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John Doran In Bits

John Doran In Bits

In the second of our interviews with the three players who will be desecrating the sacred texts of William Shakespeare this coming weekend, John Doran gives us his ‘Best Of The Bard’.

1. Describe Shakespeare In Bits in 5 words?

Oh my, where to start?

2.  Which Shakespeare character would you most like to play and why?

Witch Number 1 kind of turns me on…

3. Was Hamlet really crazy or was he taking the piss?

Definitely crazy. Why else would they cast Mel Gibson as him?

4. What are your thoughts on how Shakespeare is taught at schools? How should it be taught?

I think it’d be better if they dressed the children up in little Shakespearean costumes. Cute little childlike psychopathic Macbeths all over the gaff. Awwww….

5. What’s your favourite bit of Shakespeare In Bits to perform?

Kissing Pip… both times.

6. Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?

Bright, clammy and full of life? Sure!

7. Is it hard to bring the comedy out in Shakespeare?

Were we supposed to?

8.  You’re trapped on an island, Tempest style, with only one other Shakespearean character for company. Who would it be and why? Why???

Cle-o-pat-ra! Shhwwwwing!

9. Why should people go see this production? (Please use this question as an opportunity for a cheap, gratuitous plug)

Because I heard that the Mayor really likes Devious Theatre. And since the Mayor likes us, those who disagree are liable to be punished.

10. Finally, to be or not to be?

Come to the show and find out. What a cliffhanger!

John Doran will be appearing in Shakespeare In Bits which runs from Friday 23rd – Sunday 25 October in Cleere’s Theatre, Kilkenny. Tickets can be booked on 056 – 7762573 and are €8. There will be a matinee show on Sunday October 25th at 4pm for the price of €5. As part of the Rockfall Festival, all proceeds will go to the O’Neill Centre.

The show will then travel to Dublin for performance in the Ha’Penny Bridge Inn on November 5th.

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