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Choose Tickets

Well, okay, I don’t have tickets for the show. The only reason being is that I’m actually in the show. But we’ve had a few questions recently via email as to how people can book tickets for the show. So in case you’ve missed the notes around the site and in the press that bookings are currently open at The Watergate Theatre in Kilkenny, you can book tickets

  • By calling into the Watergate Theatre box office on Parliament Street in Kilkenny
  • Over the phone / by credit card by phoning the box office on +353 56 7761674

The Watergate can post tickets out to you until the week of the show, or you can pay for your tickets in advance and collect them at the box office on or before the performance night.

Don’t forget, we’re running from June 24 to June 28, the show starts at 8pm nightly and you should be able to join us for pints across in Cleere’s from about 10pm onwards. You’re buying the first round by the way. After all, we’re just humble, broke actors in this game for the sheer love of it. That and the adrenaline rush of course.

Choose Trainspotting.

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