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It’s A Long Long Way… For Us To Go!

Okay, so the diary thing hasn’t *exactly* been going to plan in posting daily rehearsal updates but we’ve been making notes along the way and will start back-cataloging stuff later. The reason the updates haven’t been appearing is that we’re absolutely flat out busy with rehearsals, committee meetings, organising the final run of props, costumes, more photoshoots and everything else besides.

We’ve made some terrific developments around the Saguache bar scene, the trapper’s song and all the musical numbers in between now that our MD is a regular at rehearsals (and will be to the opening night in just over three weeks time!). Jesus – just over three weeks time! I guess it isn’t a long way for us to go after all!

Scripts are being discarded, everyone looks terrific in full costume (though we’re not showing you those photographs *just* yet) and the show is ticking along nicely. We’ve got one more rehearsal this week, four next week, then we’re five nights from Monday the 13th of August which sees us running the show in full each night. Once that week passes we’re off to the Watergate Theatre in Kilkenny for a week of mayhem.

Don’t forget that tickets can be booked NOW by phoning the Watergate box office on +353 56 7761674. If you’re planning a group booking then email us in advance to info@devioustheatre.com and we’ll see if we can arrange something for you! Don’t forget to keep checking the site for updates in the run up to the show!

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