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Interrogating Simone Kelly

ADOA Pen Pics - Simonekelly

Simone Kelly has previously appeared for us in Heart Shaped Vinyl, Cannibal! The Musical and Trainspotting. In the last of our interviews with the cast of Accidental Death Of An Anarchist, we turn the questions on the lady who asks the questions in the play.

You play Maria Feletti. Tell us a bit about her.

I’m a journalist, a wee bit of a ballbuster, a wee bit obnoxious but with good intentions at heart.

What’s been your favourite part of working on this production?

Besides getting smacked on the ass, the general banter on stage is great!

What’s been the toughest thing about the rehearsal process?

The warm up. I popped a button on my skirt trying to high kick earlier.

What’s going to be the most memorable thing about this play?

David Thompson hopping on one leg with a fake woman’s hand.

What are your thoughts on the Set Theatre?

I want to live there, it’s beautiful!

How do you think the audience are going to take the play?

At first the bizarre make up might throw them a bit but they should sit back and have a laugh after that.

Describe the play in 5 words.

Banter. Random. Fun. Make -Up. Farce.

How relevant is the play to Ireland at the moment?

The play is designed to be adaptable for different cultures, and it’s all about corruption, so yeah, fairly relevant!

What are you most looking forward to when the play opens?

The seisuins at the Set’s swanky bars!


Hopefully sitting in the teeny box room side stage for 2 hours will kill any nerves!

Accidental Death Of An Anarchist opens tomorrow night December 2nd in Set Theatre, John Street, Kilkenny. Tickets can be bought in Rollercoaster Records, Set Theatre box office and here on this very website!

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