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Interrogating David Thompson

ADOA Pen Pics -  davidthompson

David Thompson plays the lead role of the Madman in our production of Dario Fo’s Accidental Death Of An Anarchist. He’s also played the lead role of Alferd Packer in 2007’s Cannibal! The Musical. Other work for Devious Theatre included Heart Shaped Vinyl and The War Of The Worlds. He also plays gentleman detective Dan McGrain in the web sitcom Vultures.

During rehearsals, he was given the following grilling:

1. Describe your part / role / character in the play.

Mad as a cow.

2. So what’s your favourite part of the play to perform?

Eating a banana.

3. What’s been the hardest part of rehearsals for you?

Getting to rehearsals.

4. Is there a particular bit that you think really speaks to people?

The bit with the Madman.

5. So, the Set Theatre. It’s pretty new and fancy. What’s it like? Is it weird to be in a brand new space?

…that’s two questions? The Set Theatre is weird and brand new. I love it!

6. Do an impression of an audience member after this play.

“OMG, they look sooo weird!!!”

7. Describe the play in 5 words.

The play is basically about…

8. What’s your own personal relationship with the Gardai like?

I was brought in to give a statement a while ago and they didn’t hit me once. Not once. Rossport is happening though, take notice.

9. What do you most hope to achieve with the 6 night run of this play?

Ah, seeing the worries, woes and realities of the audience disappear for an hour or two. Back to childhood with ye!

10. Nerves, eh?

No thanks. I’ve just eaten. (At Blueberry, mmm…)

Accidental Death Of An Anarchist opens Wednesday December 2nd and runs until Sunday December 6th. Tickets are available in the Set Theatre box office, Rollercoaster Records and online at www.devioustheatre.com

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