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Heart Shaped Vinyl Tickets – Have You Got Yours?

Our set maestro Eddie Brennan sells the play

Have you booked your tickets yet? If not then you should have! Tickets for Heart Shaped Vinyl (limited availability) are currently on sale in Cleeres Theatre with ticket sales going very well indeed, if you haven’t gotten around to booking yours yet then get on to Cleere’s today! Bookings can be made in person by calling to Cleeres Theatre on Parliament Street, Kilkenny (open from 4pm Monday to Friday and 12pm Saturday, Sunday) or by phoning the theatre on +353 56 7762573.

Tickets are €10 and the show opens next Wednesday night, June 27th running at 8pm nightly until Saturday June 30th. While you’re in Cleere’s, why not stop and take a look at some of the fantastic artwork from the show, with both Cleere’s Theatre and Heartbeat City (High Street) boasting a display of all five promotional posters from each of the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s scenes in Heart Shaped Vinyl.

If you are coming along to the show, make yourself known! Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to any of the cast after the show and let us know what you think of Devious Theatre and Heart Shaped Vinyl. See you next Wednesday!

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