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Heart Shaped Vinyl – 1980’s

HSV 1980's

The next album cover for Heart Shaped Vinyl takes us to the heady days of the 1980’s.


1988 – What Difference Does It Make by The Smiths

Sue is staying in Liam’s for the first time. But he’s really concerned about getting the music right.


1989 – Close To Me by The Cure

Liam and Sue are going through a rough patch but Liam and Maeve are getting on just fine.

Alan Butler, Mairead Kiernan and Aoibhín Murphy play Liam, Sue and Maeve in Heart Shaped Vinyl.

Alan Butler has previously acted with us as Inspector Pisani in Accidental Death Of An Anarchist and as The Man in Scratcher. He most recently directed The Shadow Of A Gunman for KATS and appeared in Watergate Productions and Barnstorm’s co-production of Translations.

Mairead Kiernan has previously appeared with Devious Theatre playing June and other roles in 2008’s Trainspotting and the following year as Maureen in Willie Russell’s Stags and Hens.

Aoibhín Murphy has previously appeared with Devious Theatre as Judy in Night Of The Living Dead and Laura in Shifting by John Kennedy. She also appeared in Girls In Africa as part of Little Deviations: Volume 1.

Heart Shaped Vinyl returns to John Cleere’s Bar & Theatre from May 18th-21st / 25th-28th. Tickets for the show can be booked here. This series of posters designed by Ken McGuire.

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