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Godspeed Lad

somefloodrehearsal-35We’re into the final two performances of Some Flood in Cleeres Theatre today. So that’s only two more chances to see John Doran and Kevin Mooney’s brilliant new play before we put it back in its box for a while.

It’s been a great run this week in Kilkenny, full of laughs, kind words and sweaty bodies. Thanks so much to our lovely and ever so charming audience who have been along to see the show throughout the week.  It’s been great to be back in Cleeres Theatre for another show. The set up and style of this show is particularly intimate so we’ve had all the more reason to get up close and personal with the audience. For further proof, please see the below picture.

1513713_10152029802471700_828080277_nSo, two more chances to see Some Flood. (Also two more chances to chat with these two semi naked sweaty men at the bar.) Our lunchtime show at 1pm has plenty of tickets left if you fancy it. Our 8pm show tonight is approaching a sell out so be warned, get your tickets fast. And here’s where you can get them online or else drop down to Cleeres Theatre extra quick! Thanks again to everyone who has come to the show and supported us and as we finish this run, we just want to say…

Godspeed, lad.

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