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Get In Line

The physical tickets for the Kilkenny performance of Scratcher went on sale today. So instead of buying them online you can now pop into No. 76 John Street and pick up as many as you like in physical form!

We’ve been asked if they’re laminated, and they’re not. We’ve also been asked if they’re the same size as actual Social Welfare cards, and they’re not. But what they will do is ensure you a seat at Scratcher when it opens on Tuesday February 22nd. Keep in mind that the show runs for 5 nights in Kilkenny and we’ll only be selling 70 tickets per performance. So we recommend getting them soon, and then get ready to line up for the greatest theatrical cum social welfare experience you’ll have all year! Hooray!

Scratcher runs in Kilkenny from February 22nd – 26th in No. 76 John Street at 8pm nightly.

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