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Funding Night Of The Living Dead

We’ve just launched a Fund it campaign for Night Of The Living Dead.

Fund it is a fantastic crowd funding website that has been integral to so many great Irish projects getting off the ground in the past 12 months. We always waited until we had a really special show to utilise Fund it and the Irish stage premiere of George A. Romero’s classic horror is that show.

We’ve lined up a series of unique rewards for the various funding levels, where you can pitch anywhere between €5 and €250 towards the production. The latter price range is our top one and for a very good reason. It lets you join the production as part of the credited cast and spend one night onstage playing one of the living dead. A half day in rehearsal, with the cast and crew before you hit make up and effects (and there will be a lot of that!) and then get ready to take your bow. It’s a unique way to fund a show and get involved and we hope that we’ll find 5 enthusiastic people to join our cast for each night of the debut run.

Your contributions will help us with the production design, set, effects, costumes and promotion of this play. It’s going to be a big show and we want to do our utmost to ensure that we do it justice. Fund it has become a great platform for growing theatre companies not in receipt of regular funding to seed their shows and we are very thankful of the opportunity to get our project up on the site and engage with potential funders of Night Of The Living Dead.

We’ve got 41 days to hit our target of €5,000. Please take a look at our rewards and if there’s anything tickles your fancy then please consider funding what we plan on being our biggest and best show yet. You’ll find all info, our pitch and our rewards right here.

Thanks to the people who have funded so far: Dawn MacAllister and Shirley Somers of Solstice, Paddy Dunne of this parish, Aoife McMahon, Darragh Doyle, Stephanie Francis and Vibrant Ireland.

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