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The Flood Came…

“It’s kinda like that show Lost or something, only way more annoying because at least in Lost you know that if you download another episode, you’ll find out exactly what’s going on.”

some_flood_promo-9“You don’t see Tom Hanks wondering what happened his plane in Castaway or what happened to Wilson after he got washed away.”

some_flood_promo-17 “I suppose people like Bear Gyrlls or Tom Hanks or Crocodile Dundee are sexy because they do things like survival so they seem all tough. Rugged, like…”

some_flood_promo-21Some Flood plays Boys School, Smock Alley from 6th-12th September as part of this years Tiger Dublin Fringe. For more info please go here and for tickets you can also visit the Fringe Box Office at Filmbase or call 1850 374643.

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