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There Was This Flood

somefloodproduction-9Some Flood is up and running in Cleeres Theatre for this weeks string of performances and we’ve been absolutely delighted with how it’s going so far. Great buzz, great feedback, generally great craic down Parliament Street way.

As we hit the weekend, ticket sales are picking up considerably and considering that our set up in Cleeres Theatre has a grand capacity of 54 seats, tickets are going to go fast. So yes, we could end up with quite the deluge this weekend. To avoid the Friday and Saturday night crowd flood, we’ve lined up two lunchtime shows tomorrow March 14th and on Saturday March 15th. So if you want to see Some Flood in all its glory and want to avoid the audience flood at night, then these shows are perfect for you!

Both lunchtime shows start at 1pm in Cleeres Theatre and the performance runs at 60 minutes. If you want to ensure tickets for the lunchtime shows (and indeed any remaining shows) hit up our online ticket sales right here.

All the lovely photos here were taken by Kasia Kaminska.

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