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Flashback: Can’t Pay? Won’t Pay! Kilkenny, 1992.

CPWP 1992 3

Our upcoming production isn’t the first time that Dario Fo’s Can’t Pay? Won’t Pay! has been staged in Kilkenny before.

A highly regarded production of the play took place in 1992 performed by the New Theatre Group in the Friary Hall, Friary Street.

CPWP 1992 1

This version was directed by our old mentor Mike Kelly and had a fine cast, some of whom we’ve become well acquainted with over the years!

It was relocated to a block of Dublin flats and the central couples were rechristened Angela, Anthony, Mags and Larry.

CPWP 1992 2

It played in the Friary Hall from Monday 9th to Sunday 15th November 1992 with the following cast:

Angela – Virginia Bohan

Mags – Roisin McQuillan

Anthony – Fergus Heffernan

Sergeant / Inspector / Undertaker / Old Man – Brendan Corcoran

Larry – David Heffernan

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