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Fade Out: Heart Shaped Vinyl Closes

What a week!

Our very first show Heart Shaped Vinyl has just closed after a hugely succesful 3 night run that, being honest, we didn’t think would attract as much attention as it did!

We pretty much sold out all three nights, received rapturous applause, calls for encores and some really lovely feedback from the general public. For a brand new company showing off some brand new work, we are absolutely amazed and excited. We got some laughs, some cries and most importantly, a lot of applause. In short, we’re beyond delighted.

It’s been a great run for us and definitely gives us a spring in our step as we begin work on our productions for 2007.

Thanks to Johnny Holden and everyone in Cleeres, all of our amazing cast and crew and everyone who spent their hard earned cash to watch out our wares on the stage.

Wait for the encore…

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