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Developing The Union


We’ve had a great time over the last few weeks developing our upcoming production The Union by Adrian Kavanagh. We got to spend some time down in our bunker in The Maltings workshopping the play with a cast, coming up with ideas, establishing the style of the piece and generally, wearing a lot of red.


Then we took a trip up to Dublin to show off some work in progress scenes as part of March Fringe Fuse on Monday night in Fringe Lab. The feedback we got on the night was really beneficial and it’s given us a spring in our step going forward with the play.


Adrian is going to spend the new few months working with us to finish the draft off and all the while we’ll be putting the entire production together in the bunker. We’re looking forward to unveiling some new work from a new writer and we can’t wait to get it out there.

Speaking of which, you’ll be able to catch The Union when it plays Cleere’s Theatre, Kilkenny from July 29th – August 1st. We will be launching full details including ticket sales, very soon indeed.

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