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Dead Disco

Oh, the dead will dance.

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, we just want to remind you that we’ll be throwing a seriously horrorshow event Saturday night in Cleeres Theatre. And it’s all in aid of The O’Neill Centre / Enable Ireland! And horrorshow is definitely the name of the game this bank holiday weekend boys and girls.

We’ll be screening our Irish stage premiere of Night Of The Living Dead for the first (and only) time along with a brand new behind the scenes look at the production and the prologue we shot in association with Mycrofilms this past July. The whole play will be seen in all its gory glory on the big screen and we’re hoping people will get in the spirit by dressing up in some suitably gory costumes. Like this lot:

So do dress accordingly. And it is a special occasion because this will be your last chance to see Night Of The Living Dead presented in public (at least until someone gives us the money to tour it!) so take advantage of this opportunity to see the play screened while you can! Admission is €5 and all funds raised will go to The O’Neill Centre and Enable Ireland. The events that we’ve thrown for Rockfall Festival in the past have always been a lot of fun and this one will hopefully be no different.

The screening will be followed up by Dead Disco, a Halloween club night which will be overseen by The All Time DJ’s and should see some bone breaking tunes played amidst a whole bunch of dead people dancing. It promises to be such a good night that everybody should end up looking like this by the end of it.

So Cleeres Theatre, 8pm this Saturday October 27th is the place and time for what should be a most epic bloodbath of craic. And if you want to do a compare and contrast of the original movie and our version, you can brush up on it right here!

Photos by Ross Costigan. Sometimes the dead do tequila shots too.

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