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Day 5: Packer, Polly, Mills Again

So last night saw the second of the Packer-Polly-Mills rehearsals involving the interactions in the courtroom for the beginning of Act 1, the second scene of Act 1 and the beginning of Act 2. The emphasis here was certainly more on blocking and getting the best movements out of Mills as a character. Now happily rehearsing in the Barnstorm Theatre space we’ve much more freedom to move around.

Polly’s song is flying along sans music, Amy certainly no problems in that regard, and while organising the exchanges between Mills and Polly took a little bit of work all in all those respective scenes (3) are looking sharp. Hell, scripts are already being dropped for these scenes so that can only be a good thing.

Tonight, the sixth full night of rehearsals, is a full run through the first act of the show, breaking it down scene for scene in the larger rehearsal space and we’ll have a chance to properly block out the exchanges at the whore camp (yes, we said “whores” – the word will be dropped quite a bit in the show) which was made trickier on Monday night with four of the cast out of action. Dropping like flies they were!

Anyway, onwards towards tonight and the first of the “big nights in” together. Don’t forget, in case you’ve missed it earlier, but we’re having a fundraiser gig in Kilkenny with four acts on July 21st in Cleere’s Theatre. Three of the cast of Cannibal! feature on the bill (Ken McGuire, Jack O’Leary and David Thompson) while Supernova Scotia will be topping the night out. Admission a mere €5 for four acts, you can’t beat that for value!

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