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Trappers & Miners

Continuing in the vein of keeping a blog of rehearsals, last night saw us get some action going on between the miners and the trappers with a little early work done on ‘The Trapper Song’ itself. We’re tight on space this week until we move into ‘The Barn’ (Barnstorm Theatre space) this coming Monday so plenty of cups of tea and plates of biscuits were had in Eddie Brennan’s (playing Loutzenheiser) big ass kitchen before moving the tables back and setting the scene, running the store scene (sans Crazy Old Ralph), on to the trapper song at the whore camp (we don’t have Indians so we’re opting for whores, or a ‘travelling burlesque’ camp if you’re to put a polite but devious twist on things), and some later confrontations between Packer (Dave Thompson) and Frenchy (Paddy Dunne) upon entering Saguache.

David Thompson, Paddy Dunne, Dave Minogue
David Thompson (Alferd Packer), Paddy Dunne (Frenchy Cabazon)


Each of the scenes were run through a few times, the trapper song itself getting the most work in an effort to have the timing bang-on. This song is one of the main set pieces of the show, and it is hilarious. Seriously hilarious. The interplay between the rival trappers and miners in this show is the meat of the comedy interactions and it’s been really nice for us to hit the ground running with this stuff.

Back at the ranch (and by ‘back at the ranch’ I mean over by the kettle) pre and post rehearsal we discussed all our promotional options, seeing how far we can push things without being legally challenged or winding up performing Cannibal! The Musical from the comfort of a prison cell somewhere in the country. We’re not that devious…. honestly.

It was really good to get the trappers and miners together, some more great dialogue between them and of course, choice insults ala Trey Parker. What else would you expect from that guy anyway?

Next week things really kick off when we move into The Barn! No more rehearsing in kitchens! We’re just as itinerant as those trappers and miners it would seem.

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