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Cult Fiction

10623492_10152903087728676_8553289367359675772_oNow that the waters are settling on Some Flood, we can focus on putting our plugging skills to work on another Tiger Dublin Fringe show involving some deviants.

John Doran is part of this years Show In A Bag programme with his debut work as a writer/performer entitled The Centre Of The Universe. It tells the story of John, a man who wants you to join a cult, as he outlines the reasons he took such an extreme step and how his new methodology can benefit you, his audience of best friends. A highly physical comedy directed by John Morton, it’s been earning some rave reviews, as you can read here and here.

10631052_10152900136648676_796277500093288867_oThere’s only three performances of it left this week in Bewley’s Cafe Theatre and it’s one Tiger Dublin Fringe show we recommend that you see while you still can. It also features a score from Moses Moorhouse, lighting design from Maggie Donovan as well as work from the aforementioned ‘Johns’ so it’s not too far off the Some Flood spectrum of things. If you enjoyed that show, you should make a plan to see this one. And if you like powerhouse one man performances, particularly in the Show In A Bag mold, definitely chalk this slice of cult fiction down on your Dublin Fringe to do list.

You can get your tickets here.

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