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Cue Audience!

CPWP - Rehearsal Week 6-7 (21) Smaller

Can’t Pay? Won’t Pay! is past the halfway point of it’s criminally short run (can someone give us money to tour please? Thanks) and we’ve got 2 nights left on the calendar.

It’s all been going very well so far. Audiences are laughing, clapping and applauding, exactly what we need them to do! Last night saw a massive audience in for another spirited run of the play and the feedback has been eally fantastic and oh so flattering. Last night also saw David Thompson rush from the show to play a gig with his River Valley Band comrades in Ryan’s. In full white faced make up. Twas a sight to behold for sure.

CPWP - Rehearsal Week 6-7 (26) Smaller

The cartoonish nature of our set, costumes and make up has gone down a treat too. I generally tend to stand at the back shifting nervously so I figure it’s a good distance considering how blinding the colours coming off of the set are. The best description I heard of the look of the play is ‘nouvelle gaudy’. That’s one for the posters.

Right now, I’m very proud of the cast and crew for all the work they’ve put in. And I’m also very proud of the fact that the play is proving to be a ‘must see’ event.

On that note, there’s only 2 more nights left for Can’t Pay? Won’t Pay! so if you don’t see it now, you may never see it again!

Ahhh, the cruel nature of theatre.

Can’t Pay? Won’t Pay! plays tonight, March 13th and tomorrow March 14th at 8pm nightly in Set Theatre, John Street. Tickets can be bought in Rollercoaster Records and Set Theatre Box Office priced 13 Euro. Online purchases can be made at the above link.

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