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Cork Is The Centre Of The Universe

IMG_4780We all knew that, right?

We’ll be opening up our account for 2015 tomorrow with the first performance of The Centre Of The Universe and we’re delighted to be doing it in the rebel county, which is also where we debuted Some Flood around this time last year.

Quarter Block Party is a cool as shit three day line up of music, theatre, art and many discussions in between as well as great buzz, great people and what will undoubtedly be a whole tonne of fun. And quite aptly, The Centre Of The Universe will be at the centre of this artistic universe when it plays tomorrow at 5.30pm. It’s the first run out for the show this week and will definitely warm up the rubbery, active muscles of John Doran before our hometown run next week.

For Quarter Block Party, it’s best recommended that you make a weekend out of it, so pick up some weekend passes, dive into the programme and have yourself a creative, inspiring weekend down in Cork. For the full programme, click here.

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