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Chairmen LMAO Comedy Presents…

chairman lmao

Stephen Colfer, erstwhile of this company fame, is promoting a showcase of some of Ireland’s finest up and coming comedian’s this Friday night June 11th. Straight out of The Twisted Pepper in Dublin, Chairmen LMAO Comedy takes to the road and pitches up in a Kilkenny that is still all warmed up from the Cat Laughs last weekend.

The venue is Cleere’s on Parliament Street, the time is 8.30pm and the price is a paltry 5 Euro.

It’s also on at the same time as the World Cup France v Uruguay game so if you’re too depressed to be near televisions then it’s the perfect antidote.  The performers that will be on show include Conor Barry, Stephen Colfer, Kelan Flynn, Heber Hanly, Jon Hozier-byrne, Kevin Lockard, David Reilly and headlining up top are sketch troupe The Glen Coco Experience. Between the lot of them they’ve won over 15 awards for various comedy related things and are likely to be a lovely bunch altogether.

Come on down!

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