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The Centre Of The Universe

10498604_10152796561143676_1202124254452381730_oApart from Some Flood, there’s another show from erstwhile Deviants hitting the stage at this years Dublin Fringe Festival.

John Doran is presenting his first one man show The Centre Of The Universe as part of this years Show In A Bag line up from Fringe, Fishamble and the Irish Theatre Institute. It’s got a lot of comedy, a lot of life and a lot of things you don’t consider because you’re not in a cult. John Morton will be directing the show and Moses Moorhouse will be providing the score.

The show centres around a presentation from John. Not John the actor, but John, the cult of personality. Cults are normally a pretty bad idea. But not this one. He wants you to join him.

Centre PromoThe Centre Of The Universe runs throughout the festival in Bewleys Cafe Theatre. If you want to book tickets you can ger the details on it here. Please do book and come along and let yourself get brainwashed. Join them…

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