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To Cavan!

some_flood_promo-1We’re about to take a Devious Theatre show up north of the country for the first time and we really couldn’t think of a better town, festival and spot. We have the terrifying pleasure of being the opening show at the inaugural Cavan Theatre Festival tomorrow night.

John Doran and Kevin Mooney’s apocalyptic comedy Some Flood will kick things off tomorrow night July 17th at Theatre Upstairs at The Imperial at 7pm sharpish. There will also be a post show Q&A with John Doran, Kevin Mooney and Eddie Murphy following. Hopefully the actors will have enough time to put their pants back on.

It’s a huge honour to be part of such a great programme and we’re really excited about opening it up. We’re aiming to start things with a splash and we’re looking forward to soaking up the buzz in Cavan on the day. It’s our first time there so we may as well enjoy our trip to Gonzo territory!

some_flood_promo-20If you’re in the vicinity, check out what’s on offer because there’s some absolute gems in the mix over the weekend. There are still tickets for our show if you want to catch it tomorrow. All details can be found over here.

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