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Cannibal! The Musical! Comes to a Close

There’s no denying that our production of Cannibal! The Musical has been all consuming these past few months. Both of our directors began production work on the show back in November ’06. And now, after all this time, the Irish premiere of Trey Parker’s Cannibal! The Musical has come and gone in four nights.

But what a few nights they were! Each evening, we brought our adaptation to the stage of the Watergate Theatre and each night we were overwhelmed and overjoyed at the warm reception we were given. We honestly couldn’t have asked for better audiences each night and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of your for handing over your hard earned cash and joining us on our retelling of the unfortunate mining expedition of Alferd Packer and his crew. It was a show of slapstick and satire, song and dance, brawling and feuding, snowmen and horses, whores and trappers and one man’s quest to find his true love, Liane. Our goal for Devious Theatre is to bring subversive theatre to a new, fresh audience and we hope we’ve managed to achieve that once again with this production. Audiences young and old filled the seats each night and the feedback we’ve been getting has been incredibly positive. So thank you, thank you, thank you!

We have a few specific people to thank who’ve helped us in getting this ragtag group of ragamuffins to the stage. These include: Jason McHugh, Philip Hardy, Frances O’Connor, Everyone at Barnstorm Theatre Company, Mary Butler, Kilkenny County Council Arts Office, Mike Kelly, Everyone at YIFM, Ger Cody and the staff of the Watergate Theatre, Everyone at Cleere’s, John Cleere, Edwina Grace, Nikki Brooks, Mick Brennan, Ned Green, Murt Brennan, Kilkenny Borough Council, Supernova Scotia, 40 Love, Jack O’Leary, The Coffee Club, Essaness Music, Kilkennymusic.com, The Kilkenny Advertiser, The Kilkenny People, The Kilkenny Voice, KCLR, Pius Meagher, Alan Slattery, Angela Barrett, Dreamstuff Youth Theatre, Collins Shoes.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful directors, Ken McGuire and Kevin Mooney for having the patience, time and vision for getting a group of people this size, both actors and crew, to create a show that came together so very well in the end. Thanks also to Kevin Reade for his musical direction, along with Jane Murphy and Sarah Buggy, all of which played magical musical instruments and made it all come alive! Thanks must also be extended to Gerry Taylor for his stellar work on lighting design and to Alan Dawson and Mickey “Boo” Keogh for all things in the audio department.

We’ll get a gallery of Cannibal! related images up in the near future, so keep them eyes peeled! It’ll be the most shpadoinkle collection of photos and imagery ever assembled!

Once again, thank you for supporting The Devious Theatre Company and we hope that you enjoyed our four night run of Cannibal! The Musical! because we certainly enjoyed bringing it to you.

Yours deviously and sincerely,
The Devious Theatre Company

ps. Amen

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