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Cannibal The Musical – Cast Announcement

We’re delighted to announce that the casting process for Cannibal! has pretty much been wrapped up with all primary actors having been alerted to their roles in the show.

Alferd Packer will be played by Dave Thompson (Liam, Heart Shaped Vinyl), Shannon Wilson Bell will be played by John Morton (Gerry, Heart Shaped Vinyl), Israel Swan by Ken McGuire (Des, Heart Shaped Vinyl), George Noon by Niamh Moroney (Kate, Heart Shaped Vinyl), Miller by Ross Costigan (Jimmy, Heart Shaped Vinyl) while Polly Pry will be played by Amy Dunne (Sue, Heart Shaped Vinyl).

The Devious Theatre Company would like to welcome some new actors to the fold as well, all of whom we have worked with at some point in the past through Dreamstuff Theatre or other theatre groups in Kilkenny. These are Stephen Colfer (Humphrey), Paddy Dunne (Frenchy), Dave Minogue (Nutter) and Eddie Brennan (Loutzenheiser).

We feel that we’ve got a fantastic cast and are looking forward to getting stuck into the remainder of the script adjustments and the start of the rehearsal process. At present, the script is being worked on by John Morton (playing Bell) while Ken (McGuire) and Kevin (Mooney) who are directing are currently going through the production motions, starting rehearsal schedules, press releases and all the other fun bits.

It’s time to start working that appetite up!

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