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Burnin’ Hell


Well, that escalated quickly.

By the morning of opening night The Hellfire Squad had pretty much sold out its night time run in Dublin and now, it’s entirely gone for each night. This is a hot show, on a hot week. Hot as hell, you could say.


The response has been phenomenal thus far and we’re so glad that there’s been such demand to see it, especially during a heatwave. The show has started with a bang and it’s got legs. There’s only one chance to see the show in action in Project Arts Centre and that’s our matinee this Saturday afternoon. If you fancy catching the 2.30pm performance of The Hellfire Squad, strike fast and get the tickets while you can.


Here are a selection of some of the reviews for the show thus far:

Pure M / Kilkenny People / Exeunt Magazine / No More Workhorse

Dublin, last shot is the matinee on Saturday. Kilkenny, get your tickets, we’ll be seeing you next week.

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