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War Of The Worlds Radio Ad

We’re officially one week away from the broadcast of our first ever radio production, The War Of The Worlds. And quite aptly, we’ve been promoting it on the radio!

Written by Kevin Mooney and John Morton and directed by Ross Costigan and Ken McGuire with production from Kilkenny engineer Alan Dawson, The War Of The Worlds goes to air on KCLR 96FM on Thursday October 30th at 9pm. You can listen in live online also by visiting KCLR96FM.com.

KCLR 96FM is available in Kilkenny (96, 96.6FM), Carlow (96.9FM) and areas around south Kilkenny, Waterford, Tipperary (subject to availability) so it should be pretty handy for any listeners in the south east to get their ears on it.

If you tune into the station during the day this week you’ll hear our first radio advert going out on breaks between shows. The Sound System Podcast with KilkennyMusic.com and the Playlist Mix podcast are also carrying web versions of our first ad.

But, fresh off the audio press and direct to the web, here’s our second radio advert to run ahead of next week’s broadcast.

The War Of The Worlds Radio Advert #2

Click here to download a copy of the ad for yourself (we encourage this if you can blog it, podcast it, blare it out your window!)

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