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Birthday Treats

Work And Cake On Our Birthday

We’ve just hit the grand old age of 6 years old! Devious Theatre was set up on May 9th 2006 over breakfast and many cups of tea in the Marble City Tea Rooms on Kieran Street, Kilkenny. And we’ve had a great run so far.

We celebrated by having a lot of tea and a cake and having a great big production meeting for Night Of The Living Dead and a photo shoot for Phantasm. It felt great to be so busy on two exciting new productions as we hit our sixth birthday.

We’re writing this blog to remind people of all the work we’ve done in these 6 years. If you’re not too familiar with our work, here’s a look!

We’re also writing this blog to remind people that we need funding in order to keep making new work. It’s not a good time for young theatre companies to get new funding and that’s why we’ve turned to sources like Fund It to gather budget for Night Of The Living Dead. If you’re feeling that maybe you’d like to give us a birthday gift, you can purchase a series of rewards on our Fund It page that will ensure you tickets for Night Of The Living Dead amongst many other treats.

Also, if you’d like to benefit of our friendship all year long, you can buy yourself a slot on our Friends With Benefits programme. Check out our different offers here.

Generally, the older you get, the less presents you get. But this year, we want presents that we can keep playing with for a very long time.

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