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Psycho Chugger Attacks!

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Wars have been started for less. War Of Attrition plays Dublin Fringe Festival from September 9th – 14th in Players Theatre, Trinity College at 8.30pm nightly. Tickets can be bought from the Festival Box Office in Filmbase on Curve Street or else you can call them on 1850 374 643. War Of Attrition plays Dublin […]

Revisiting Night Of The Living Dead

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This time last year we were up to our collective eyes in pre-production on Night Of The Living Dead, what was – and currently is – our biggest production to date. We screened a recording of the show publicly during last years Rockfall Festival at which time cast, crew and the general public got to […]

Evil In A Cruel World: Bash Munster Express Review

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The following review appeared in ‘Encore’ as part of The Munster Express, week-ending Friday October 28th 2011. Online subscribers can access the review here. The review is written by Liam Murphy who was in attendance on the opening night of the production. Devious Theatre Company, Kilkenny took another positive step towards recognition as a professional […]

Bash: What The Audience Are Saying

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AT TIME OF writing we’re about 9 hours away from lights up on the third night of bash: latterday plays at Cleere’s Theatre. The past two nights have been fantastic – both for us as performers and from an audience reaction point of view, particularly to a body of work that is rather heavy and […]

One Half Of A Gaggle

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Ken McGuire last appeared for us in Smitten. Here, like John, he writes about his relationship with a gaggle of saints, American accents and the lucky charm that is a tuxedo. This one is ticking a few boxes for me. First off, it allows us to mark bash off our list of things to do […]

Announcing bash: latterday plays

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Our next production will be bash: latterday plays by Neil LaBute. We’re massive fans of the work of Neil LaBute and have been waiting many years to stage one of his plays in Kilkenny. We are delighted to finally do so when bash runs in the intimate confines of Cleere’s Theatre from October 17th – […]

We Came. We Danced. We Sang.

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It’s day three of Solstice here in Cork and the opening night performance of Smitten seems like it was last week, such is the hive of activity around Solstice, Cork Midsummer Festival and just Cork in general. For us, it was curtains up to a great audience on Thursday evening for a 6pm performance to […]

Shifting: Kissing (Kilkenny Slang)

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The third and final installment of our Shifting Audio Shorts aired on KCLR 96FM’s Edwina Grace show on Friday evening, preceded by cast members John ‘Shaggy’ Kennedy, Adrian ‘Razor’ Kavanagh and Alan ‘Rabbit’ Doyle. Yes, those are their real names. Shifting: Kissing (Kilkenny slang) The Kissing installment was written be Eleanor Walsh (no nickname yet) […]

Shifting: To Transfer

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The second in our audio installments for Shifting has landed, this time looking at the definitions of shifting as meaning to transfer. Shifting: To transfer from one place to another This sequence was written by and is voiced by John Kennedy and with thanks to KCLR it went to air yesterday on the Edwina Grace […]

Shifting: Exchange

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When we began the residency, even before we began the residency at Kilkenny Arts Office, we put out a call for writers to join us for the year. Three of those writers – John Kennedy, Rhian Gibson and Eleanor Walsh – are involved with us in Shifting (writing, acting and assistant directing respectively), which opens […]